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  • 11/02/2019

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Interview de Pedro Arbulu, Directeur des Relations internationales et Responsable du MBA à l'IAE Bordeaux, de Nick Croft, intervenant du Master et d'Alfredo Bernal, diplômé.

Découvrez le Master in Business Administration (MBA) - Programme 100% en anglais

Our second year master program in English is dedicated to the Business Administration with a specialization in Finance.

The aim of the MBA is to develop knowledge of business and management to an advanced level. It has the particularity of being taught entirely in English by visiting European and International professors and professionals as well as faculty staff.

The course is open to graduates with a good honours degree in business or management who are looking to deepen their knowledge of management in today’s business context as well as develop the skills needed to implement change and improve an organisation’s competitive advantage.

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