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Dual Degree Programs

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A double program is carried out by two different universities, where students complete both universities simultaneously, in half the time it takes to complete a regular Masters or DBA program. At the University of Bordeaux School of Business (IAE), we have diverse Master & DBA dual degree programs dedicated to students from universities in partnership with IAE Bordeaux university.

  • MBA Dual degree PROGRAMS (Fast track)


The Fast track program at the University of Bordeaux School of Business (IAE) welcomes MBA students from UTEG University (Ecuador), Nacional Mayor de San Marcos University (Peru), Great Lakes Institute of Management (India), Sofia University, SU ( Bulgaria), and IIE-Consortiun (Brazil,Peru,etc.)


Students from these universities have the opportunity to pass one month of finance classes and participate in cultural and academic excursions.


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  • DBA DUAL DEGREE PROGRAMS  (Professional Doctorate in Business Administration)

The university of Bordeaux School of Business (IAE) offers the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with the partnership of IIE Consortium (Brazil, etc.) & New Confucian Entrepreneur Academy ( NCFA) from Jio-Tong University ( Shanghai, China)

Our DBA dual degree program has a professional focus and differs from a classical PhD in some points. One of the major advantages is that instead of having to do a doctoral program in the research field of interest of the University professor, the doctorate students can choose the topic of interest in the management field and professors will help with their knowledge and expertise along with the student professional experience in his field, to produce a high quality and useful research.

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