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Backed by the “Evaluation, Behavior and Organization” Department of the University of Bordeaux, the work conducted by the lecturer-researchers of IAE Bordeaux is organized around 6 teams specializing in management sciences, working together within a research laboratory, the IRGO.


The research of lecturer-researchers of IAE Bordeaux is organized around 6 teams specializing in management sciences and working together within a research laboratory, the IRGO :

“International Accounting and Control” team

The “International Accounting and Control” team specializes in the fields of accounting theory, financial accounting, management control, sustainability, internal and external auditing, history of accounting and organizational theory.

“Family Business” team

The “Family Business” team focuses its research on family-run businesses (governance, financing of non-listed businesses, transmission, dynamics of emotions) and financial businesses, especially banks.

“Marketing” team

The “Marketing” team focuses its research on the following fields:

  • Strategic marketing: pricing, customer loyalty, brand equity and brand personality, influence of the marketing function within an organization, etc.
  • Wine marketing: as both a product and sector.

“Entrepreneurship” team

The “Entrepreneurship” team focuses on the following research fields:

  • The entrepreneurial process: business ideas, business opportunities, business models, strategic vision, business plans.
  • EIRPs: Early and rapid-internationalization businesses
  • Entrepreneurial teams
  • Business creation stemming from a research transfer process
  • The management of start-ups

“Banking and Financial Management” team

The “Banking and Financial Management” team is led by Mrs. Joanne HAMET, a university professor, and focuses its research around two main areas:

  • Funding
  • Management, guidance and control issues.

“Human Resources” team

The members of the “Human Resources” team have been working since 2014 on research around the fields of organizational behavior, career management and employer brand.

The role of the research teams

  • Organizing and participating in regional, national and international research seminars;
  • Organizing outreach conferences linked to research;
  • Providing supervision of thesis work conducted by French and international researchers (accreditation to supervise research);
  • Participating, in their own research field, in the organization and the creation of content for the courses in management sciences run by IAE Bordeaux and the University of Bordeaux;
  • Maintaining cooperation ties with other national and international institutions, as well as stakeholders of the economic world.​
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IRGO: Research Center in Management Sciences

IRGO (Research Center in Organization Management) is the Management Sciences research unit (EA 4190) of the University of Bordeaux.

Since 2017, the director of IRGO has been Professor Pascal BARNETO, who was elected by the Laboratory Committee. He is also a member of the Doctoral School Council (ED 42) EES (Economics, Enterprise and Society). The assistant director is Professor Julien CUSIN.

IRGO currently focuses its work around three main themed axes:

-       Wine - Manager : 

-       CSR - Manager: Julien CUSIN

-       Digital technologies - Manager: Nathalie GARDES

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