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YEAR 2 in Business Administration (M2-MBA) 'Decision Making that Creates Value'

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Our second year of the Master's program is dedicated to Business Administration, with a strong focus on Corporate Finance and International Accounting. In this program, students are in a better position to make sound corporate decisions. It provides the knowledge and tools to manage a company and projects with skill.

Head of MBA Program

  • Director of International Relations, Associate Professor : Pedro ARBULU

In this second year, students gain insight into how to create Organizational Value, see the whole chain that follows the results, and develop knowledge of business and management to an advanced level. It has the particularity of being taught entirely in English by European and international professors, as well as faculty staff.
More generally, the MBA program leads students through the different stages of transforming operations into reality. By identifying opportunities, students will be able to create value-based business models. from Strategy to Operations. On this basis, the courses cover the essential practical aspects of conducting business. For this purpose, the Financial and Accounting analysis of a business is a key element in ensuring students are well prepared to be managers in a collaborative role in the decision-making process.

Our MBA program is focused on Corporate Finance and International  Accounting, and therefore applicants with:

  • A four-year bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting or Finance,
  • or outstanding work experience in the Business field (especially in Accounting & Finance) are eligible for this program

If applicants do not have a related degree or work experience, they should start from year 1, the European Business Administration (M1-EBA) program.

Students will be awarded the Master's degree after completing a total of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Various teaching and assessment methods are used. There will be coursework-based assessments, such as exercises, case studies, group projects, and tests during the classes. Finally, a final dissertation related to the internship during the second semester is to be written by students.


  • Find the Curriculum for the M2-MBA program HERE

The Curriculum and Examination Methods section

  • Find the Curriculum and Examination Methods section for the program HERE
  • Find the IAE Rules and Regulations for Students HERE

Program Content

Semester 1



UE 1.1.1 : European Economic Environment II



UE 1.1.2: Business Law



UE 1.1.3: Organizational Behavior II



UE 1.1.4: Financial Statements Analysis



 UE 1.1.5: Financial Accounting



UE 1.1.6: International Marketing



UE 1.1.7: Financial Markets



UE 1.1.8: French as a Foreign Language



UE 1.1.9: Decision-Making and Corporate Finance



Semester 2



UE 2.1.1: Cost Accounting and Management Control



UE 2.1.2: Investment and Portfolio Management



UE 2.1.3: Risk Management



UE 2.1.4: Business & Strategic Policy



UE 2.1.5 : Information and Project Management



UE 2.1.6: Business Game



UE 2.1.7: Operations and Logistics Management



UE 2.1.8: Internship


  • Schedule and Organization of classes: From Mid-September Until the end of January. Most classes take place almost every day (Sometimes even on Saturday’s morning) from 09h00 to 12h00pm and from 14h00 to 17h00.

*Note that students who may want to get a part-time job can only do it in the evenings or weekends.

  • Mandatory Internship: From 4-to-6-month long internship from February 1st until August 31st.

Program in brief

Duration of the program: Mid-September until the end of August :

  • From Mid-September until the end of January, classes are held.
  • From February until the end of August, students have to do a mandatory internship and submit their reports )

* Note that there is only September intake.

- Welcome Day & Registration Day: Mid-September (The exact date will be announced in July )

- Beginning of the program: Mid-September (The exact date will be announced in July )

- Program Level: Second year of the master's program in Business Administration (M2-MBA).

- Academic background: Have completed, with honors, a Bachelor's degree of 4-year (240 ECTS equivalent) in the field of business, or have consequent work experience in the field of business.

- Mandatory Internship: From 4-to-6-month long internship from the beginning of February 2021 in France or abroad.

- Teaching Language: English

How to apply ?

Apply here

Required documents

‘Please submit the required documents either in English or French.’

  • Online application form (M2-MBA)
  • Copies of transcripts
  • Copies of all previous diplomas awarded
  • Passport copy (or ID card if European)
  • Letter of motivation 
  • CV 
  • English language certificate or Certificate of studies in English.
  • One passport/ID photo

Keep in mind that, applications cannot be reviewed until they are complete. Missing required materials or additional materials must be received by the Admissions Office within one week of your initial application submission.

Once we have received all required application components, the review process will be able to begin. Academic professors from the MBA program gathered as an Admission Jury, carry out this review process. Our Admission jury will decide whether an applicant is eligible for an interview or not.  Applicants shall, in any case, receive an answer by declared dates mentioned in the application periods section.

Language Level & Prerequisites

The language test in English is not mandatory if you are a native English speaker or if you have already studied your Bachelor's/Master's in English. (Certificate of studies in English is required.)  Otherwise, you need to provide us one of these following certificates:

  • TOEFL IBT 90
  • IELTS (Academic) 6.5 ; no subscore under 6
  • Cambridge: Certificate in Advanced English
  • TOEIC « listening and reading »: 890/990 AND « speaking and writing »: 300/400
  • PTE Academic 65

Program tuition fees

The total M2-MBA program tuition fees is around 5240€ plus, Additional Mandatory Expenses of Liability Insurance and CVEC* around 130€.

  • Payment of the First half: to be confirmed
  • Payment of the Second half: to be confirmed

*The CVEC is a national fee that is paid via a French government platform and NOT to the institution in which you are enrolled. All full-time and apprenticeship students must pay their CVEC before registering for classes.

Internship/dissertation report guidelines

The purpose of the MBA program academic internship : 

The academic Internship is meant to bring into practice the academic skills, which you acquired during your academic study program. Within the academic internship, it is not only a goal to work inside an organization and help, contribute or support the management, but also to apply and expand your academic knowledge and skills. For the Master 2 MBA, as in every other professional master's degree, a minimum 4 to 6 months internship is mandatory.  It might start in February 2021 and end not later than 31 August 2021. The written document to produce during that period is called a dissertation. This dissertation poses a research question and seeks to answer it by the means of collecting and analyzing qualitative and/or quantitative data. 


Summary of the Internship / Dissertation process

First Outline

By the end of April,students have to send the subject & first outline of their dissertation plan (1 page) to their administration responsible

Confirmation and Announce your academic tutor

The program director of M2-MBA will choose an Academic tutor for students, and the administration responsible informs students about the name and the email address of their Academic tutor.

Plan of the internship report

Students  must send the title and the plan of a dissertation to their academic tutor via email and put the administration responsible in the​​​​​​​ copy.


Students have to be in touch with their academic tutors to communicate related issues during their mission.

Final Submission

Students must send their Final dissertation in PDF format to their academic tutor and their administration responsible by e-mail.

Deadline for submission

August 31th

Volume of report

45 pages including the sources

Maximum 60 pages including annexes

The recommended font is Times New Roman, 12.

The spacing must be 1.5 for good readability.

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