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YEAR 2 in International Business Management (M2-IBM)

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The International Business Management Program aims to advance business understanding in a fully-globalized world, together with a deep analytical skill regarding the global business environment.

Head of IBM Program

  • Associate Professor : Madame Emmanuelle SAUVAGE

We propose a state-of-the-art program addressing pressing global issues, such as cross-cultural synergies, geopolitics, innovation-oriented learnings, sustainability and labor standards in global value chains, logistics and supply chain understanding, innovation in emerging markets, digital transformation (including the adoption of AI), and how to adapt your marketing strategy at an international level. We take a distinct multi-level perspective to study international business's political economy to understand system-level challenges and identify policy and strategy options by analyzing both macro and micro levels drivers of change.

More generally, this program gives an understanding of globalization and the current state of the global economy, as well as the disruption factors and effects on your business. It is an analytical lens to interpret and draw insights from international events and their ramifications in local and global markets.

The Master's degree in International Business Management (MSc-IBM) is designed to provide students with a balance of practical knowledge and theory of management in an international environment. It aims to prepare students for executive positions in international companies or subsidiaries. All the company's functions are covered, from managerial to sales and marketing roles, from R&D to supply chain management, from International HR to strategic development. It is a generalist program shaped to enhance the understanding of how a company operates when going global. It is based on the development of mental reflexes acquired by people eager to understand the underlying logic and hidden dimensions of how humans interact.

About the course/learning outcomes      

Thanks our unique International Business Management MSc, you will:

  • Develop your international management skills
  • Study the current economic, cultural, and social situation, together with geopolitics.
  • Because of and thanks to the location of the University Business School (IAE), it also contains specific courses on Wine Economics and Doing Business in France.

Our course will increase your understanding of the global environment in which business, government, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) function.

You'll gain practical experience by studying real case studies in all the courses. This enables you to put your knowledge of business management approaches and theories into practice.

Our student cohorts are deeply international, and our teaching staff come from various academic and non-academic backgrounds and are likewise international. So you'll benefit from working with a team and peers with varied experiences and perspectives. Therefore you'll benefit from working with a team and peers with varied experiences and perspectives. You will learn as much from the courses and lectures themselves as from your pals!


  • Find the Curriculum for the M2-IBM program HERE
  • Find the IAE Rules and Regulations for Students HERE

Program general organization

** Note that there is only September intake.


- Schedule and general organization:

The academic year starts Mid-September and lasts until the end of August:


  • Classes are held from Mid-September until the end of January 31st ( Most classes take place almost every day from 09h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 17h00)

** Note that students who may want to get a part-time job can only do it in the evenings or weekends.


  • From February until the end of August, students have to do a mandatory 4-to-6 month internship and submit a dissertation to be defended orally)


- Welcome Day & Registration Day: Mid-September

- Beginning of the program: Mid-September


- Program Level: One year Master's program equivalent to MSc (M2-IBM)


- Academic background: Have completed a Bachelor's degree of 4-year (240 ECTS equivalent). In addition, one or two years of professional experience within an international environment is welcome.

For the study field, degrees in Business Administration, Management, Economics, and Law are favored; however, people detaining a degree in engineering, medical & health field, computer science can also apply.


-Teaching Language: English

How to apply ?

Apply here

Required documents for application

‘Please submit the required documents either in English or French.’

  • M2-IBM Online application form (M2-IBM)
  • Copies of transcripts
  • Copies of all previous diplomas awarded
  • Passport copy (or ID card if European)
  • Letter of motivation 
  • CV 
  • English language certificate or Certificate of studies in English.
  • One ID photo

Keep in mind that, applications cannot be reviewed until they are complete. Missing required materials or additional materials must be received by the Admissions Office within one week of your initial application submission.

Once we have received all required application components, the review process will be able to begin. Academic professors from the IBM program gathered as an Admission Jury, carry out this review process. Our Admission jury will decide whether an applicant is eligible for an interview or not.  Applicants shall, in any case, receive an answer by declared dates mentioned in the application periods section.

Language Level & Prerequisites

The language test in English is not mandatory if you are a native English speaker or if you have already studied your Bachelor/Master in English. (Certificate of studies in English is required.)  Otherwise, you need to provide us one of these following certificates:

  • TOEFL IBT 90
  • IELTS (Academic) 6.5; no subscore under 6
  • Cambridge: Certificate in Advanced English
  • TOEIC « listening and reading »: 890/990 AND « speaking and writing »: 300/400

** Note that basic knowledge of French is recommended.

Program fees

The academic fees within the Bordeaux university come under two forms :

Tution fees & Adminstrative fees (mandatory)

- For the M2-IBM program:

  • Tuition fees are around 5240 €
  • Adminstrative fees namely Liability Insurance around 15 € and CVECaround 92 €

*The CVEC is a national fee that is paid via a French government platform and NOT to the institution in which you are enrolled. All full-time and apprenticeship students must pay their CVEC before registering for classes.

  • Payment of the First half: Depends on each round of application submissions period - Please check it on the "Application process" webpage.
  • Payment of the Second half: End of Auguest



There are no scholarships program at the IAE Bordeaux University. You may however check with your home country system if some scholarships exist, and you can also check the French Embassy in your home country for potential specific scholarships but be careful the deadlines are usually ONE YEAR in advance (for Eiffel scholarships or Etudes en France)

For further information please refer to;  https://www.iae-bordeaux.fr/en/admissions/tuition-fees


Campus Channel - IBM program VIDEO


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