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Xavier in Peru

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After a few months Xavier wa totally integrated in both the school and the city. When he arrived, he didn't find it difficult to find a place to live or meet new people. In fact, in his opinion although there are some cultural differences, but as Lima is a big city, the way of life really looks similar to the French one. You can barely feel the difference by talking with local people and understanding their traditions and customs.

"I really enjoyed both the University and the city of Lima."

Miraflores is a really nice place to live in, close to all freetime activities and very close to the seaside.

The smartest thing to do, according to Xavier, is to find a room in a students' house, because in this way you can meet people from different countries and backgrounds and quickly feel at home.

"I really loved the way students participate during classes, and also the fact that courses are interactive and  based on experience rather than pure theory !"

Miraflores, with its 85,000 inhabitants as of 2007, is one of the biggest districts of Lima, the capital city of Peru, and is well known for its shopping areas, big parks and beaches, as well as for its theaters, cinemas and art galleries.

In terms of education, besides Universidad del Pacifico, the Miraflores district is home of some of the most prestigious private schools in Peru and even South America.

Lastly, Miraflores is also full of international hotel brands, cafés, pubs and restaurants, accounting for the biggest attractions for both foreign tourists and local wealthy middle and upper classes.

"I love Peru.. the ancient culture of the Incas, the food, the all-year-long nice weather and also spanish language, which luckily is my mothertongue !"

Recommended places

Parque Kennedy, Miraflores' central plaza, Larcomar, the biggest shopping mall overlooking the Pacific coast, the Calle de las Pizzas ("Pizza Street") in downtown Miraflores, the Costa Verde ("green coast") area, with its beaches full of surfers... and much more!

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